Saturday, 9 June 2012

Kinds of Reading Skill

How many reading skills are?

There are four reading skills. They are a. Skimming b. Scanning c. Average Reading and d. Study Readying

1. Skimming: The purpose of skimming is to have a general idea of what a text is about. More, specifically, we skim a text to know:

a. How it is organized

b. Whether it deals with the subject we require
c. Whether it deals with the subject in the way we require
d. If it is an article or fiction or poetic work or something else
e. If it is what we may read to have some information, and so forth.

2. Scanning: Scanning means reading a text very carefully in order to find some particular point of information.
For example, we can very quickly observe a map just to know the location of a particular country or region.

To find out some specific information we should not spend much time and energy in reading a text slowly and seriously.

3. Average Reading: Average reading means reading a text for understanding some but not necessarily. This type of reading is performed a little slowly and not so seriously.

Average reading is very useful for such texts as newspapers, stories, novels, plays, features and sometimes poems or epics.

4. Study Reading: Study reading refers to reading a text slowly, carefully, seriously and minutely with complete understanding of it. This kind of reading requires our careful attention to everything of the texts, words, sentences, organizations, the writer’s attitudes and so forth.

Generally we use this reading skill when we need to understand almost everything of a text contains.

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