Friday, 8 June 2012

Super Natural Elements of S.T. Coleridge

Super Natural Elements of S.T. Coleridge

S. T. Coleridge is the greatest English poet of supernatural. His supernatural imagination is controlled by thought and study. He has employed refined, suggestive and psychological methods of mystery and horror in the poem.

There are a number of impossible, incredible and fantastic situations.
The sudden appearance of the mysterious skelton-ship, the spectre-woman and her mate, the coming back to life of the dead crew, the sudden sinking of the ship.

Beside the supernatural phenomenon there are also many natural phenomenon in his poems. The sun shining brightly at the outset, the mist and snow, the freezing cold of the Polar Regions, the moon going up the sky, the roaring wind, the rainfall etc. are the natural phenomenon in these poems.

The realistic effect is also mentioned in his poems. How Mariner tried to pray but could not, how he found sleep impossible, how he felt lonely on a wide sea, how he suffered physical, mental and spiritual torture. The psychological study is added to the realistic effect because; if we do any fault or make any fault we will also suffer in the same way under similar circumstances.       

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