Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Sun Will Rise

The year is the worst year in Sihab’s life. In the beginning of this year he lost his business and work which were the only earning source of his life and education and also family. Then gradually he lost his tuitions and also lost his all powers of creativity only for the poverty. So his life became hard to harder and he was bound to make rough behave with others. That time he realized really poverty makes a man so much cruel. An event which he was bound to explain; one day bearing a lot of pain and suffering in his head, he was going to his tuition, on the way when he was near at his student’s house, suddenly his phone rang out.
After receiving the phone he heard that there was a terrible accident occurred in his house and his brother fall in a dangerous position. From the noon to afternoon he vomited. Then he was taken to district hospital. When he heard the news his condition became much nervous. At night he was phoned again and someone said him, after observing a lot of nurses the doctors told that his position was not so good so he was sent to the city and got admitted into a private clinic. So his family became owed a lot for his brother’s treatment. At last they were bound to trade their all wealth but they did not gain any result; because God does not look them and bless them. And his brother left the world after paying them a lot of pain. Now Shihab is the only earning member in his family in the eye of his family, because his father is a retired person and his elder brother was the earning person after his father.   
Gradually Sihab’s life and world became closer and smaller. All thinks looked bloomy. Even his close friends left him. Actually he was in the middle of his mission; because still then he could not complete his graduation. After some days later when his final examination started he was gotten out from the examination hall because he could not pay his tuition fees in university. So he became crazy and several time he decided to eradicate himself but when he thought about his father, mother and another members of his family he failed to suicide. Though he faced a lot of problem but he was a great dreamer and liked to vision. In a moment his dreams became vanished but he did not loss his mental power. He relayed to God and started reading about the biography of the greatest men. Then he compared his life with them. Gradually he continued thinking how to solve the problem and remove the situation. But it was so late. In this situation his family was losing its existence but nothing to do for him. After all he always thinks and believes the darkness will remove and sun will rise.         

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