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Age of English Literature

Age of English Literature
Time Span, Terms, Movements, Examples
600-1200 Old English (Anglo-Saxon)Beowulf
1200-1500 Middle EnglishGeoffrey Chaucer
1500-1660 The English Renaissance
1500-1558Tudor PeriodHumanist EraThomas More, John Skelton
1558-1603Elizabethan PeriodHigh RenaissanceEdmund Spenser,Sir Philip Sidney,
William Shakespeare
1603-1625Jacobean PeriodMannerist Style (1590-1640) other styles: Metaphysical Poets; Devotional PoetsShakespeare, John Donne, George Herbert,Emilia Lanyer
1625-1649Caroline PeriodJohn Ford, John Milton
1649-1660The Commonwealth & The ProtectorateBaroque Style, and later, Rococo StyleMilton, Andrew Marvell, Thomas Hobbes
1660-1700The RestorationJohn Dryden
1700-1800The Eighteenth CenturyThe Enlightenment; Neoclassical Period;The Augustan AgeAlexander Pope,Jonathan Swift,
Samuel Johnson
1785-1830RomanticismThe Age of RevolutionWilliam Wordsworth,S.T. Coleridge, Jane Austen,
the Bront√ęs
1830-1901Victorian PeriodEarly, Middle and Late VictorianCharles Dickens, George Eliot, Robert Browning, Alfred, Lord Tennyson
1901-1960Modern PeriodThe Edwardian Era(1901-1910);
The Georgian Era
G.M. Hopkins,H.G. Wells, James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence,
T.S. Eliot
1960-Postmodern and Contemporary PeriodTed Hughes, Doris Lessing, John Fowles, Don DeLillo, A.S. Byatt

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